Chicago Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Gardens

Our rooftop gardens luxuriously compliment each individual building’s architecture and create an ideal place to entertain, to quietly read, relax and enjoy the spectacular Chicago skyline – high above the bustling City!

Chicago Urban Landscaping

Urban Landscaping

Your home or business doesn’t have to be bordered by an urban jungle. Let the professionals of On the Ledge create a beautiful urban landscape that combines your vision with our expertise, all at an affordable cost.

Chicago Parkway Landscaping Design


It’s that first impression, that curb appeal that makes others want to live there — or they want to know who does your landscaping? In the high-traffic, densely populated neighborhoods of Chicago, residents will relish a sprawling promenade of fabulous color and pretty blossoms. Through careful planning and creative gardening, our parkway landscaping becomes a lovely oasis in the city.

Chicago Windowbox Design


Your space maybe limited, but you are not short on cheery appeal, beauty or creativity. With special attention paid to details and exciting color schemes that always turn heads and keeps them talking. Our windowboxes can be found in numerous locations throughout Chicagoland.



Whether your project happens to be a windowbox or an entire urban landscaping rooftop, On the Ledge is happy to work with individuals and businesses of all sizes. Check out our select collection of work by clientele.

All Seasons

All Seasons

Plants and flowers shouldn’t be relegated to spring and summer! On the Ledge works with clients year round to create seasonal-specific landscaping, using complimentary design to arrange fresh, new looks each season.

Holiday Planters in Chicago


On the Ledge Landscaping works with clients across the Chicagoland area to curate weather appropriate planters, windowboxes, rooftops and urban landscaping. Check out a few of our favorite installations.